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Premium Skirting Trim

Skirting trim is perfect for disguising joins around the edges of your composite deck.

All trims are manufactured using the same materials and process as our composite deck boards.

Length: 3.6m

Dimensions: 70mm x 10mm

Available in all colours to match with decking boards.


What is the Skirting trim used for?

Our Skirting trim is used to cover exposed edges of our decking boards.

The corner trim can also be used for creating a ‘picture frame’ around a deck by installing it around the entirety of the decking area.

Which Skirting trim do I need?

The Classic skirting trim is designed to be used with both the Classic decking board & the Excel decking board.

The premium skirting trim is designed to be used with the premium decking boards.

The supreme skirting trim is designed to be used with the supreme boards.

How do I install the skirting trim?

You can either screw the skirting trim into place or if you don’t want any screwheads showing you can use an adhesive and some small pins.

Please note; you must pre-drill pilot holes for the fixings to help prevent your skirting trim from splitting.

What should I use to cut the Skirting trim?

We recommend using a sliding electric mitre saw circular saw with a minimum of a 40 tooth alternate top bevel finish blade.

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Teak, Walnut, Light Grey, Antique, Dark Grey

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