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Premium Decking Board

Our Premium range of composite decking is 2nd generation, meaning an extra durable, moisture-resistant polymer sleeve is added during the manufacturing process.

The Premium boards are reversible with a sleek, smooth finish on one side and a texture wood grain surface on the other, providing an impressive finish whichever way you decide to lay your boards.

Manufactured from 60% recycled hard wood fibres and a 40% combination of recycled polyethylene, bonding agent, additives and colouring. The boards are hard waring, easy to clean and require very little maintenance. Also, fully UV protected to shield them from the elements meaning this product will look great year after year.

Available in five striking colours – Antique, Light grey, Dark grey, Teak and Walnut.

Decking board measurement — 140mm x 23mm x 3600mm

Slip Resistance Certificates

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Smooth Side Certificate
Wood Grain Side Certificate


Can I put screws through the Premium boards?

We do not recommend puncturing the boards with screws as this will affect the structural integrity of the boards and void its warranty.

The exception to this is when fitting the final board in a run of decking where fitting requires a screw being fitted through the side of the board at an angle to fix it in place.

What clips do I need to fit the Premium boards?

The premium clips are used to fit the premium boards, we recommend 100 clips for every 10 boards you order.

You will also need starter clips to fit the first line of decking boards; the amount will vary depending on your design but usually 1 pack of 50 starter clips should be enough to cover areas up to 60m2.

What are the recommended joist spacing for the Premium boards?

The maximum allowed joist spacing for the premium boards is 450mm from centre to centre, however to make sure you have a solid deck we recommend joist spacings of 400mm centre to centre.

What expansion gap should I leave at the end of the Premium boards?

There are a few factors to consider when leaving an expansion gap:

  • The ambient temperature
    It is safer to leave a 4mm expansion gap between boards when laying them in average temperatures.We do not recommend laying the deck in extremely high (>20°C) or low (<5°C) temperatures as this could result in the boards not having adequate expansions gaps during average temperatures.
  • What you are butting the board up against
    When butting the boards up against a surface that will not expand, it is fine to leave a 2mm expansion gap (dependent on the ambient temperature as mentioned above).

    When butting boards up against each other (end to end) it is important to leave a larger 4mm expansion gap. This allows adequate space for both boards to be able to expand when the temperature rises.

    Failure to leave enough of an expansion gap can result in warping or splitting of the decking boards.

Which side up should I lay my Premium decking boards?

The Premium boards can be laid either way up. One side has a textured wood grain effect, whilst the other side is smooth.

What should I use to cut the Premium boards?

We recommend using a sliding electric mitre saw circular saw with a minimum of a 40 tooth alternate top bevel finish blade.

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Teak, Walnut, Light Grey, Antique, Dark Grey

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