Is Composite Decking suitable for pets?

Yes. Our decking is installed using our hidden clip system so your pets’ paws will be safe from nails or exposed screwheads.

How can I get samples of composite decking?

For samples fill in our online request form here.
Please note: Unfortunately, we cannot process sample pack requests over the phone.

How long will my decking delivery take?

Our normal delivery time is between 2-5 working days. This is dependent on stock and will be confirmed when you place your order.

How do I clean my composite deck?

Start by using an outdoor brush to remove any surface debris (leaves, soil, etc.) next, using either a composite decking cleaner or hot soapy water, apply the mixture to your deck and use a hard bristle brush to scrub the surface of your decking to remove any dirt and grime.

Repeat until your deck is clean.

Finish off by rinsing the decking boards with clean water to ensure all dirt and cleaning fluids have been removed, then leave to dry naturally.

Make sure no cleaning product is left on the boards.

Is your composite decking easy to install?

Our composite decking uses a simple hidden-clip system which can be fitted to either a new or an existing subframe.

Our easy to follow instructions can be found in our brochure, which is available in PDF format via request to info@compositedecksforless.co.uk.

Do I need your composite joists?

This depends on your project:

Our WPC Joists are designed to be fitted directly to a flat, solid surface (such as a concrete base, balcony or paving-slabbed area etc.)

Our composite joists provide a high level of moisture resistance, which makes them ideal for decking projects in which the substructure will be exposed to standing water.

Our WPC joists must be supported along their full length when installed.

This means any decking projects that require the deck boards to be raised higher than 30mm from the ground would not be suitable for our composite joists and would need to use either our Eco Lumber or traditional wood for the subframe.

If you require any further questions please give us a call on 0800 410 1676.